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Vermilion Zhou Design Group

Shanghai, China
Vermilion Zhou Design Group

Vermilion Zhou Design Group was founded in Shanghai in 2002. Known for delivering high-quality design solutions that command a premium in the market. They have completed over 1000 interior design projects. Their portfolio encompasses many project types, including public spaces, commercial establishments, offices, hotels, restaurants, and residential properties not confined to specific categories and continuously strive to explore new possibilities.

Boasting a solid and cohesive design team of experts from various professional fields, each department meticulously attends to design details, ensuring a comprehensive approach. From the project's inception, they deeply understand the needs of different space users and provide precise positioning. Through efficient collaboration and accurate task allocation, they take concepts from ideation to tangible realisation, offering holistic design solutions from an interior design perspective.

Vermilion Zhou Design Group persists in breaking through innovation and change while maintaining valid positive values. Their design philosophy combines Western logic and analysis with a contemporary Eastern humanistic mindset and emphasises the practicality of spaces and the elevation of aesthetics. This enduring commitment allows them to sustain their design energy output and ultimately enables more people to appreciate the value and beauty of the design.


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