Restaurant & Bar Design Week
(London, UK)

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Attended by international industry leaders and creative visionaries, Restaurant & Bar Design Week is an opportunity to hear from those behind today’s projects and to explore the issues defining tomorrow’s.

This year, following the July launch of our short film ‘Dining on Design’, we are continuing with the theme of exploring the unique intersection between high-end cuisine and hospitality design with a series of events that make up this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Week.

Spread throughout London and set across four days, the programme includes panel discussions and roundtables, as well as invite-only networking events, that allow the global design and hospitality community to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones.

The Week culminates in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards ceremony at Florattica where the overall winners will be announced.

Mon 16th Oct - Thurs 19th Oct 2023

Networking Party
Mon 16th Oct, 6pm - Late

Opening Event

Networking for hospitality designers and hotel, restaurant and bar operators to begin this exciting week of events.

Viajante87 - Mon 16th Oct, 6pm - Late

Design Talk & Networking
Restaurant St. Barts
Tues 17th Oct

In Pursuit of Silence

Designing for a hospitality experience involves more than focusing only on visual appeal. With customers and designers ever more aware of the importance of great acoustics, we discuss why acoustics are so important to the guest experience, and who is leading the innovation in design and solutions. Supporting film.

Restaurant St. Barts - Tues 17th Oct

Experiential Roundtable
Tues 17th Oct

Lighting the Senses

We often think of the aesthetic concept of an F&B space as the most critical part of the design. Few would argue with this. But sight is only one of our senses. To have a unique sensory experience, surely all the senses need to be considered? How does this affect how we design? Do we even consider the sounds, smell and touch that we are to encounter?

By invitation.

Viajante87 - Tues 17th Oct

Design Talk & Networking
Marazzi Showroom
Wed 18th Oct

Dining on Design

Johnny Smith (Founder, Luca) and Elizabeth Woolford (Alexander Waterworth Interiors) explore the connection between the design of the restaurant Luca and the design of it's cuisine. Moderated by Patrick McCrae.

Marazzi Showroom - Wed 18th Oct

Origin Kensington
Wed 18th Oct

What does the future hold?

Restaurant and bar design 50 years from now. As Ligne Roset celebrates the 50th anniversary of Togo, what will a retrospective view in 2073 reveal about hospitality design? Moderated by Patrick McCrae.

By invitation.

Origin Kensington - Wed 18th Oct

Awards ceremony
Thurs 19th Oct, 6pm - Late

Awards ceremony

An evening of celebration! Trophy presentations for category winners plus announcements of overall regional and best restaurant and bar winners.

View the awards ceremony video.

Florattica - Thurs 19th Oct, 6pm - Late

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