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There are five categories to cover each of the following regions:

  1. Americas
  2. Asia
  3. Australia and Pacific
  4. Europe
  5. Middle East and Africa

There are also 13 other global categories (see below), which are open to everyone. All entries are automatically considered for the best restaurant/bar award for their region as well as for the ultimate global awards of Best Overall Restaurant and Best Overall Bar (at no extra cost).

For each category there will be a shortlist of projects and one winner. An award is given to both the winning designer and the winning restaurant/bar operator.

For each of the following categories, judges look at specific features and how they make the space work as a whole:

Regional categories

  • Cafe—anything from a coffee shop to a tea room.
  • Hotel—a food and beverage space within a hotel.
  • In Another Space—hospitality spaces in anything, from ships to airports, museums to burger vans and trains to cinemas.
  • Standalone—a food and beverage space that’s not part of a chain.
  • Surface Interiors—how surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors come together in creating a food and beverage space.

Global categories

  • Alfresco & Biophilic Design—this category is open to interior, exterior and landscaping projects. Designs should have a strong emphasis on nature and a clear connection to it. Past entries have included living walls, grand foliage table displays and even trees incorporated into the design.
  • Ceiling—the project will be judged with an emphasis on the design of the ceiling.
  • Club/Night Venue—this rewards designs for establishments that provide evening entertainment and that are usually open into the early morning.
  • Colour—judges will look specifically at how colour has been used within the space.
  • Fast Casual—this means any scheme that doesn’t offer full table service.
  • Heritage Building—this category is specifically for restaurants/bars in historical buildings and environments.
  • Lighting—judges will look specifically at how decorative and architectural lighting has been used within a scheme.
  • Luxury—food and beverage spaces that have an emphasis on luxury.
  • Multiple—restaurants or bars with the same name that are part of a group or chain.
  • Murals & Graffiti—this category evaluates the artistic impact of any murals or graffiti that have been incorporated into a design.
  • Small Space—designs that are focused on making the best use of a small space.
  • Sustainability—this category is about interiors that have been designed with sustainability in mind. This could include the use of recyclable products and materials harnessing renewable energy sources, efforts to minimise the carbon footprint and other environmental improvements.
  • Visual Identity—celebrating the design of logos, websites, menus, stationery, signage, uniforms, coasters, placemats and any other visual material.

Overall winners

Category winners will automatically be considered for the following awards:

  • Best Europe Restaurant/Bar
  • Best Americas Restaurant/Bar
  • Best Asia Restaurant/Bar
  • Best Middle East and Africa Restaurant/Bar
  • Best Australia and Pacific Restaurant/Bar
  • Best Overall Restaurant
  • Best Overall Bar

These awards will be presented at an innovative and exciting ceremony, attended by the world's top designers and operators, in Barcelona, Spain on the 31st October 2024.

Category and overall winners must be present at the awards ceremony in order to receive their trophies (one for the Designer and one for the Operator). If for any reason a Designer or Operator cannot attend the awards ceremony, they are still obligated to purchase their awards trophy, which will be shipped to them directly or collected at the ceremony by the other attending party.

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