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Birmingham, UK

BRAWN was founded in 2015 by experienced Interior Designer Richard Nicholson, with a vision to build a creatively driven interior design studio, that is accessible to all, taking on projects of any size, from independent clients to worldwide brands.

BRAWN specialises within the hospitality and leisure sector, designing for some of the most driven and innovative clients in the industry. More recently their portfolio includes hotel, retail and residential projects, widening their range and skill set. BRAWN is made up of a small group of creative and highly skilled individuals who work hard to build strong relationships with their clients by being approachable and readily available to work through every phase of the design process.

BRAWN is a bold and exciting interior design studio that creates dynamic spaces using every element of an interior to provoke a sensory connection with its target demographic, and even more importantly developing spaces that function well, championing the clients vision and brief.

BRAWN’s interiors have attracted the attention of award competitions and their accolades include Finalist at the Northern Design Awards 2018 and Finalist at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2019.


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