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Moooi Carpets

s-Graveland, Netherlands
New York, USA
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Moooi Carpets

The floor is the crucial component in your space that forms the basis of your interior design style. Adding a carpet makes your home feel inviting, warm and luxurious. Our carpet tells your unique story and completes your interior!

Moooi Carpets are versatile, iconic and breathtaking with an endless mix of designs from leading designers around the world. Moooi Carpets presents a timeless art collection in the form of rich and sophisticated carpets. Our revolutionary printing technology makes even the most intricate carpet designs possible.

Explore the collection on our website and add a new dimension of A Life Extraordinary to your interior. In addition to individual rugs (for floor or wall), we also offer wall-to-wall rugs and even tiles with their own collection of designs if this is more to your project needs.

We’re constantly adding new designs, but if you have something special in mind, you can create your perfect rug with our Custom Configurator. Choose a design and let your imagination run wild with the variety of colour(s), shapes and sizes. Your own design rug is also among the options! Use our canvas and give your interior your own signature.


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