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London, UK
de Gournay

de Gournay is a family company specialising in the creation of the world’s finest hand-painted wallpapers and hand-embroidered wallcoverings. Long renowned for our vibrant Chinoiserie, Japanese & Korean and Panoramic collections, the brand continues to forge a reputation for artisanal skill and technical brilliance in the realisation of ever more intrepid designs for walls, fabrics and porcelain.

Founded by Claud Cecil Gurney with his nephew Dominic Evans-Freke in 1984, and now joined by his daughters Hannah and Rachel, de Gournay brings interiors to life with engaging reinterpretations of historic hand painted papers and arresting contemporary collections: applying our bespoke expertise to projects with the leading designers of the age.

With unceasing commitment to creative innovation and recruiting the talents of true artists, de Gournay’s development of specialist embroidery, paint effects, metallic gilding and textile embellishment, has seen us transition from cult niche to industry leaders: ensuring our sustained position at the vanguard of the cultural arena.


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