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supermaniac inc.

Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
supermaniac inc.

supermaniac inc. is a design firm based in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. Founded in Osaka in 2000 by Akitoshi Imafuku. The firm has designed a number of restaurants, shops, and other commercial spaces, but what makes them unique is that they go beyond designing a space. They strongly believe in concept making, and designing clients’ businesses as a whole including its branding and marketing based on the solid concept. The studio name “supermaniac” is from the Japanese word “Otaku” for people with obsessive interests towards certain things and trying to get to the bottom of them. They hope to always be super maniac in the field of commercial space design and be a studio that has the power to create a new movement to the world.

supermaniac inc. received awards from Asia, Europe and U.S.A. They published an authored book “CONCEPT making” in 2008.


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