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PANORAMA Design Group

Hong Kong, China
PANORAMA Design Group

PANORAMA Design Group, established in 2003, has offices in Hong Kong and China and is famous for creating unique story-telling spatial experiences of large-scale composite interior spaces. The company specialises in the following sectors: Hotel, Property Development, Food & Beverage, Retail, Children and Health & Wellness.

Inspired by the unique spatial characters of Hong Kong, the company's design team adopts boundary-crossing strategies to produce new projects and unique experiences for different designs of “multi-purpose/composite spaces” to respond to Asia’s rapid-changing lifestyles. These projects have well-considered research, location-based importance, market trends, budget requirements and operations for every size and type. Each design is assured of a dynamic, vibrant and unique character in its own right.

PANORAMA Design Group has received over 150 international design awards including a 'Restaurant & Bar Design Award' in 2021. They have also had projects featured in numerous international design magazines & journals.


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