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Paco Lago Interioriza

Málaga, Spain
Paco Lago Interioriza

Paco Lago began his one-man career in 1998 as an interior designer. By 2012 the team had grown and Paco Lago Interioriza was created as a studio.

We have always identified ourselves as an interior design studio composed of a multidisciplinary team. Thus, we develop projects that meet the needs of those who trust us. Our experience allows us to be flexible and carry out design and interior design projects, taking care of all phases. We are avant-garde, we are inventors and provocateurs. We have grown with the solid base of working in a high performance team as our greatest asset, a human team that gives functional and aesthetic solutions to spaces in need of soul.

We are a friendly professional team with our clients, suppliers and the environment, and we add everything we find with passion for disruptive innovation.

We transform and we solve because we internalise, we empathise with your needs, and we make it ours to reach you.

We internalise because everything goes through an essential team: demanding, dreaming, without limits. We dream of transforming because it is part of our DNA.

If it works and pleases, we love it.


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