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Maram Seddiq

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
London, UK
Maram Seddiq

With a track record of work in the Middle East and UK for more than 15 years, Maram Seddiq’s practice has covered all types of projects including residential, governmental, retail and hospitality.

Maram Seddiq uses fundamentals to create innovative ideas. Perfection in proportions characterises her practice, aiming to achieve ultimate purity and functionality that creates a field of positive energy.

Maram Seddiq’s philosophy is to complement the natural organic beauty by adding her distinguished human touch of straight lines, sharp angles and clear axis, making her work remarkably bold, especially when utilising strong materials that grant her work eternity.


Awards PartnerLigne Roset Contracts
Awards PartnerKKDC
Awards PartnerWatts 1874
Awards PartnerNEOZ

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