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Luchetti Krelle

Surrey Hills, Australia
Luchetti Krelle

Specialising in hospitality design, Luchetti Krelle’s environments harness atmospheric narratives in compelling ways, creating sensory journeys heightened by nostalgia. Based in Sydney, they operate globally with a portfolio of over 100 projects spanning Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Founded in 2008 by Rachel Luchetti and Stuart Krelle, bold concepts and highly resolved details are the creative hallmarks of their practice. Renowned for their hybrid collaborations with a wide array of artists and skilled artisans to achieve highly customised outcomes, their projects range from extensive restorations of heritage buildings through a lavish contemporary lens to the creation of immersive settings inspired by an adroit telescoping of design genres and cultural references. Their hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars that are aligned via their sense of theatre, visceral intrigue, timeless relevance and have garnered the practice countless awards.


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