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London, UK
KSS Design Group

As experienced hospitality and leisure designers, we produce innovative environments that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics that deliver memorable experiences to our clients and their guests.

Hospitality is an exciting journey that surprises and delights as you explore. We carefully curate a guest-driven experience that considers all the senses throughout every step of the journey, leaving your guests eager to return.

We pride ourselves on our ability to creatively design within any given budget whilst always imaginatively striving for a unique guest experience.

We love what we do and have a level of passion and dedication, which is evident in our work and sets us apart from our competitors. Right from the start, we engage with every stakeholder to ensure that the final product meets everyone’s needs and aspirations, both operationally and environmentally. That is why we have a strong track record of long-established client relationships.

Every project is unique, every guest’s experience is important and we consider every detail – a perfect blend of art and science.


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