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Astet Studio

Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Astet Studio

Astet was founded in late 2018 by trained architects turned designers: Ala Zreigat and Oscar Engroba. This multidisciplinary design studio is based in Barcelona and cites authenticity, human value and the interplay between simplicity and complexity among its core areas of focus and interest. Astet specialises in hospitality projects such as restaurants and hotels.

The vision of Astet resides in authenticity, the primary value behind all their designs, in the way they work to create something unique and truly adaptable to the client’s needs, without losing their essence.

The balance between simplicity and complexity is a distinctive feature of the studio’s ideas to achieve designs and spaces with strong personality. What truly distinguishes Astet is their attention to detail, their gestures of textures, shades and materials which enriches every corner of their work.

Astet Studio has been acknowledged for their work by Restaurant & Bar Design Awards for the past three consecutive years; 2020 they were shortlisted for Lobito de Mar, a seafood restaurant in Madrid, in 2021 they were awarded the prize for “Best Overall Restaurant” for Leña, in Marbella and in 2022 they were awarded winner of “Small Space” for Smoked Room in Madrid.


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