2019 Talks

Imperial Treasure (London, UK) Liaigre


18th November 2019

Christophe Caillaud (CEO, Liaigre), Ugo Stefanini (Project Manager, Liaigre) and Marco Piras (Architect, Archer Humphryes Architects) showcase this Restaurant & Bar Design Awards winning restaurant in the heart of London's St. James's.

Michelin-starred Imperial Treasure Group called upon Studio Liaigre to design its first European eponymous restaurant in London. Leaning on Liaigre’s motto “fit in the context” grounding inspiration in local culture, traditions and lifestyle. This particular venture embodies a subtle blend of English heritage, Chinese culture and French design, whilst maintaining the original building’s heritage as it is a Grade II listed building.

The restaurant opened its doors in December 2018, offering fine traditional Chinese cuisine alongside a cocktail bar with a rare selection of champagne, whiskeys and authentic Asian beverages collection.


Together with local architects Archer Humphryes Architects, Studio Liaigre managed to imprint their vision and design into a London heritage building through many challenges with the authorities and the strict time frame allowed.

At the heart of creation, signature materials such as dark-tinted brushed oak, refined green hard stones on the floors and Sun onyx have been used for structural features. The space distribution is redefined with the conception of wood and onyx screens, creating intimacy.

Archer Humphryes Architects
Imperial Treasure


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