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YG Architects

Stellenbosch, South Africa
YG Architects

YG Architects is a South African company founded by Dr Yuliya Gaiduk, a professional architect from Ukraine with 20 years of experience in urban planning, architectural practice, and interior design. The company specialises in a variety of projects, from winery reconstructions and residential houses to wine bars and fine dining restaurant interiors. YG Architects pays close attention to every detail, focusing on ergonomics, scale, quality surfaces, and custom-made furniture. The company's design process incorporates scientific research and new trends in the construction industry.

Symbolism is a crucial element in YG Architects' work, serving as a "business card" for the company's practice. Dr Gaiduk's primary expertise lies in repurposing industrial spaces for public and commercial purposes, with symbolism playing a significant role in interior design. The team's goal is to create spaces with soul and character, imbuing each project with a deeper meaning. Despite being a small-sized company, YG Architects has a wide range of experience in projects of different sizes, and their attention to detail is vital in every project.


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