Awards 2021 Guidelines & Schedule

Virtual awards ceremony 14th October 2021


There are 10 categories for each of the five regions (Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East & Africa and Australia & Pacific)*. All entries will qualify for Best Overall Restaurant and Best Overall Bar* for their region. Additionally two global prizes will be awarded to Best overall designed Restaurant & Best overall designed Bar**.

* please note there is no longer a UK only set of categories
** at no extra entry cost to the entrant

What the judges are looking for?

The entries that best meet the judges’ personal definitions of ‘design excellence’, will win.

Who gets an award?

Awards will be given to both the winning designer as well as the winning restaurant / bar operator.

Which category should I enter?

A project can be entered into any category, we will automatically apply the region based on the location of the venue. If you collaborated on a piece of work with another company or individual, you will need to make sure they haven’t entered it as well.


  • Alfresco & Biophilic Design
  • Cafe
  • Hotel
  • In Another Space
  • Lighting
  • Luxury
  • Multiple
  • Standalone
  • Surface Interiors
  • Visual Identity

A guide to success is available to download in English and Chinese. The guide to success explains what is required to make the most of your entry and all of the different types of information you will need to gather before you begin your application.

How to enter

What do I need to prepare for my entry?

Make sure all entry materials (text and images) are clear, concise and of the best possible quality. Poor quality visual media will weaken your application.

  1. Full contact and location details for the restaurant or bar and full contact details for the project's designer.
  2. To have made a decision on which category you wish to enter the project.
  3. Textual content ready to cut and paste into the relevant boxes. You have up to 450 characters (approximately 60 words), including spaces and punctuation, for each text box:
    • Design brief
    • Design challenges
    • Design results

Details of at least 6 products or services that were used in the design / delivery of the project. E.G. Products used within the space such as furniture or lighting. Or third party services such as fitout or lighting design. You can add more than 6 if you want to.

Up to ten good quality images of your project. Each image must be JPEG / JPG format and no bigger than 2MB in size.

Entry costs

  • 5th January - 31st January: £270 + VAT
  • 1st February - 31st March: £290 + VAT
  • Entries submitted after 1st April: £320 + VAT

Ensure that you meet deadlines

It is essential that all work is entered in full and on time. Any work that isn’t, may be rejected from the competition.

When can I enter?

All entries must be made online. The call for entries opens on the 5th January 2021 and closes on the 6th June 2021.

Wait for the results

The shortlist will be announced in the week commencing 9th August 2021 on Instagram.

The regional winners for Best Restaurant and Best Bar (Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East & Africa and Australia & Pacific) and two cross-regional overall prizes for the Best Overall Designed Restaurant & Best Overall Designed Bar will be announced during Restaurant & Bar Design Week.


  • Call for entries open: 5th January 2021
  • Closing date for entries: 6th June 2021
  • Shortlist announced: Week commencing 9th August 2021 on Instagram
  • Awards ceremony: 14th October 2021

Open to projects launched or extensively renovated between the 1st January and 31st December 2020

All work must be entered as a collaboration between the designer and the hospitality project operator.

Judges may enter the awards, however they will not be able to judge their own entries.

For a full description of categories and guidelines on how to make a winning entry, please see our guide to success.

guide to success成功指南


If you have any questions about the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, including our suggestions of relevant entry categories, press and sponsorship enquiries and anything else, please contact us via our contact form.

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