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2016 Awards ceremony: ‘Street’

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

The Old Truman Brewery

Thursday 29th September 2016

6.30pm - 11pm

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Before 31st July: £220 + VAT
After 31st July: £260 + VAT

The theme for this year's awards ceremony is ‘Street’

Restaurant & Bar designers Conran & Partners, Moreno Masey, STAC Architecture and Simple Simon will each create one of four bars inspired by street art, music and dance from 4 different eras (70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s).

Elegant Clutter, and JMDA will then create a huge Thaikhun restaurant ‘street’ scene, inspired by the different eras. Awards ceremony fitout partners for the event include DRC, Benchmark Fabrications and Nicholas Alexander with signage by Harper Signs.

Dancers on the night of the awards ceremony will be the dynamic force that reveal these amazing spaces, with music collaboration by Island Records.


Dress code: Street
Awards schedule: 6.30pm - 11pm
Event format: All inclusive top notch takeaway food, wine, beer and cocktails

Follow us on Twitter @ResBarDesignand use the hashtag #RABDAstreet. We want to know how this year's theme ignites your creativity, so join the conversation and tell us: What does street mean to you?

Conran and partners
Moreno massey
Stac architecture
Elegant clutter
Drc edited
Simple simon
Harper signs
Nicholas alexander



We asked the five designers of the four bars and the restaurant at this year's awards ceremony what inspired their designs and what does Street mean to them.

Designers on the street

Stac architecture

Bar: 70's / GoPunkYourself

We sought to analyse the street culture of the mid to late 70’s on the Kings Road, London. We found the emergence of Punk, a new take on fashion, the beginning of graffiti and an entire movement that was anti-establishment. Our bar seeks to merge fashion and punk culture into a space that speaks of 'Street Punk'.

‘Street’, it belongs to me, to you, to all and to none......... it connects us, enabling us to interact, discover, fall in love and simply be...

Paul Thrush (STAC Architecture, Founder)

Simple simon

Bar: 80's / CultureClash

We’re proudly Bristol based. This independent, vibrant city reflects who we are & what we do. Our bar is designed to give a flavour of the multicultural mash-up of 80’s Bristol where reggae, punk, soul, jazz & hip hop collided to create a music & art scene that resonates to this day on our streets.

‘Street’, to me is a place where everyone can belong. A place with no boundaries. A place to see and be seen or to hide in full view. A place where cultures collide and new ideas are born.

Ben Rolls (Simple Simon, Co-Founder)

Moreno massey

Bar: 90's / StreetBritannia

The 90's gave us Brit Pop, a sound that sought to explore "real" music and the everyday. Artists in film and sculpture, with an irreverent disregard for the synthetic culture of decades previous, worked to present and represent the mundane as high art - a life less ordinary.

‘Street’, non-place, non-space, a tunnel from here to there. Democratic, ever shifting, a backdrop to the everyday. Time layered into space. Surface, texture, art and message collide to soak the senses. Look up and let it surround you, the journey is short.

Rodrigo Moreno Masey (Moreno Masey, Founder)

Conran and partners

Bar: 00's / AllEyesOnMe

The soundtrack of the 00's was played through a newfangled gadget called an iPod and those who came to adulthood with the threat of global terrorism continued to party like it was 1999 and started to take pictures of themselves doing it. Playing on tensions between privacy and visibility our bar invites you to see and be seen.

‘Street’ to me is more of an attitude, a frame of mind that is fresh, independent and irreverent. All new ideas start on the streets - fashion, design, arts - away from economic considerations and constraints. It offers endless inspiration and there needs to be a bit of street in every creative thought!’

Tina Norden (Conran & Partners, Project Director)


Restaurant: Thaikhunstreet

JMDA is an Interior Design practice that specialises in the hospitality and leisure industries. The company is driven by the simple philosophy of delivering ‘creativity that works’ to bring our client’s vision to life and realise its commercial potential.

"A street is both a magnification of lifestyles and a microcosm of culture. It is a place of commercial exuberance and an opportunity for creativity to flourish."

Jonathon Morgan (JMDA, Founder)


Video by Helene of Rocco Photography and filmed on a street near the venue.

Shortlist party

Blackbody OLED is co-hosting the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards shortlist party.

In addition to an impressive lighting feature by Blackbody OLED, guests will be invited to interact with a ‘Street’ wall designed in collaboration with Rocco Photography  and VCG Colourlink.

Backyard Market
The Old Truman Brewery
Thursday 7th July 2016
6.30pm until late

This event is strictly invite only and RSVP

Blackbody oled installation small


Shortlist plaque


ico were asked to create a memorable concept and design for the awards shortlist plaque that encapsulated this years theme of 'Street'. The very notion of ‘the street' is inextricably linked to youth culture and music, so what better way communicate this than through a record and its sleeve artwork (with a digital playlist thrown in for good measure).

Vinyl front sleeve
Vinyl back sleeve

Vgc colourlink
Island records
Concept new
Hill cross furniture
Thwg new
Solus ceramics
Craftwood new

Street brand wall

This year we are launching a shortlist brand wall highlighting the important role companies played in this year's shortlisted projects.

Conran and partners
Elegant clutter
Original btc
Drc edited
Harper signs
Hill cross furniture
Solus ceramics

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