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London, UK
New York, USA
Bryan O'Sullivan Studio

Bryan O’Sullivan Studio was founded in 2013 and today has teams in both London and New York. The studio works with clients globally to produce contemporary, liveable design informed by an elegant and eclectic European point of view.

Bryan finds exquisite details and inspiration everywhere he goes, whether on an intrepid trip or closer to home, absorbing the nuances and details that make everyday living exceptional. His studio's style is original and compelling whilst remaining timeless, making even the most demanding spaces appear welcoming and unique, whether a public hotel or private residence.

Bryan brings an intuition to his work, balancing important historical references with an instinct for creating environments where people feel relaxed and at home.

Projects including the Maybourne Riviera, The Berkeley Bar, Red Room at the Connaught and Claridges Restaurant (opening in 2023) represent Bryan’s favoured, simple and authentic glamour - refined lines paired with immaculate, considered antiques and contemporary furnishings. While inspired by the classical proportions of French and Italian architects of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, the studio's work is always reaching forward for new ideas. Sophisticated yet irreverent, curvilinear shapes and rich textiles are the hallmark of their designs.


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