Awards 2020 Entry Guidelines

Entry Guidelines

Who gets an award?

Awards will be given per category to both the winning designer as well as the winning restaurant / bar operator.

Which category should I enter?

A project can be entered into any relevant category. If you collaborated on a piece of work with another company or individual, you will need to make sure they haven’t entered it as well. A full list of this year’s categories is available.

What is the cost?

Entries that are accepted will be liable to the following costs:

7th January – 31st January - £240 + VAT
1st February – 31st March - £270 + VAT
Entries submitted after 1st April - £270 + VAT *

* We understand the very difficult circumstances for those working in hospitality more than most and we want to do our bit, however small.

In light of the current (COVID-19) coronavirus pandemic we are doing our best to highlight and promote the amazing work that was completed in 2019 by continuing with this year's awards program and awards promotion. We are also freezing the cost of entering this year's awards; there will be no latecomer increase to entry fees.

Please submit your amazing projects and show the world that our industry is vibrant and strong and will survive these unprecedented times.

Prepare your work

Make sure all entry materials (text and images) are clear, concise and of the best possible quality. Poor quality visual media will weaken your application.

What you will need

  1. Full contact and location details for the restaurant or bar and full contact details for the project's designer.
  2. To have made a decision on which category you wish to enter the project.
  3. Textual content ready to cut and paste into the relevant boxes. You have up to 450 characters (approximately 60 words), including spaces and punctuation, for each text box:
    • Design brief
    • Design challenges
    • Design results
  4. Details of at least 6 products or services that were used in the design / delivery of the project. E.G. Products used within the space such as furniture or lighting. Or third party services such as fitout or lighting design. You can add more than 6 if you want to.
  5. Up to ten good quality images of your project. Each image must be JPEG / JPG format and no bigger than 2MB in size.

Judging criteria

The entries that best meet the judges’ personal definitions of ‘design excellence’, will win.

Ensure that you meet deadlines

It is essential that all work is entered in full and on time. Any work that isn’t, may be rejected from the competition.

When can I enter?

All entries must be made online. The call for entries opens on the 7th January 2020 and closes on the 21st June 2020.

Wait for the results

The shortlist will be announced in the week commencing 27th July 2020 on Instagram. All category winners, including the judges’ choice of Overall UK Bar and Overall UK Restaurant / Overall Bar and Overall Restaurant will be announced at our virtual awards ceremony broadcast on our website on 15th October 2020, 14:00 UK time.

I have a query

If you have any questions or encounter any problems with your entry, email us via the contact page.

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