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2018 Judges

Siobhan retoched  004

Siobhan Peyton

Managing Director - Peyton & Byrne


Siobhan moved from Ireland to England at the age of 15, after founding and running numerous businesses with her brother Oliver Peyton, travelling the world, exploring brands and cutting edge companies, they settled in London opening Peyton & Byrne. Peyton and Byrne now run many high end London restaurants in fantastic locations including the National Gallery, The Wallace Collection and The Royal Academy of Art.

Design excellence

Siobhan’s parents taught herself and Oliver not to be afraid of failure. She believes moving from Ireland to England at the age of 15 also gave her an immigrant mentality: you need an education; you're more likely to take chances and your desire to succeed is sharper. Design excellence needs to take risks, push the boundaries and be brave. Siobhan believes to achieve design excellence you need to love what you do so much you’re willing to risk it to make it the best it can be.

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