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2018 Judges

Nikhil manchharam   managing director  development asia   yotel   (singapore)

Nikhil Manchharam

Managing Director, Development Asia - YOTEL


We live in a an environment where time is limited and the space becomes increasingly important in order to connect, communicate, live, play and work yet to allow this to be personal and customised to oneself. It is the Essence of space and time with its combination that ultimately helps towards the development of a design which may be embraced and shared with oneself and others. It is a community of vibrations that is the universe where design is consciousness through which the mind has allowed space and time to co-exist with a sense of purpose.

Design excellence

It is the language that defines us as human beings as people and as a community where it is about sharing, selflessness and humility to allow us to become part of the design, it’s intent and it’s essence.

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