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2018 Judges


Marcos Fernandez Pardo

Managing Director - Iberica Restaurants


After 15 years working in the music industry in varios marketing and label management roles, Marcos returns to London in 2007 and starts working on a new spanish restaurant concept with chef Nacho Manzano (2+1 Michelin stars). Iberica is born in 2008 to form the 8 site group it is today. Marcos has taken a side role in Iberica to concentrate on a new restaurant concept with chef Quique Dacosta (4+1 Michelin stars) based on the rice dishes cooked in paella from the west of Spain.

Design excellence

Design excellence has to provide two things. A seamless and frictionless operational flow within a restaurant and to reinforce the overall dialogue a restaurant has with the customer, in a timeless design that allows the restaurant to grow and establish itself. The latter has to be done in such a way that it adapts to the needs of the customers of the city it is in, a clash that requires a balancing approach.

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