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2018 Judges

Kevin high 8

Kevin Boehm

Owner - Boka Group


After opening 22 restaurants over two decades, Kevin Boehm has become one of America's most successful owner/operators. Boehm along with his partner Rob Katz, have not only built a successful restaurant group, but have established a culture built on great chefs, inspired hospitality and creative design. Boehm was a finalist for Best Restaurateur at the James Beard Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Design excellence

Maya Angelou has a great quote that says that years after meeting someone for the first time, you probably won't remember the dialogue, but you will remember how they made you feel. Design has a similar power in which you might not be able to remember the exact details, but it has a lasting influence on your emotions. Design excellence is original, cohesive, comfortable, not contrived, and has enough detail that the 6th time i visit the space, I notice something new.

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