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2018 Judges

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Jean-Pierre Marois

Filmmaker and Hotelier - Les Bains


Jean-Pierre Marois spent most of his career as a filmmaker. Falling in love with the hospitality industry, he turned 'Les Bains' (a.k.a Les Bains Douches), the legendary Parisian nightclub and former spa, into a 5-star boutique hotel, restaurant, cocktail bar, concert hall/night club, spa, concept store and coffee shop in 2015. At a crossroads between a global lifestyle brand and a cultural label, Les Bains features concerts, artists residencies and much more. Marois brought his cinematic vision to the hotel business applying his knowledge to supervise interior design, space staging, brand identity, as well as developing strong storytelling for his properties.

Design excellence

Understanding the spirit, the purpose and the topograpy a of a space, then being simply coherent with the choices to be made acording to those elements, that is what design excellence requires. But not only! Focus, talent of course, a bit of luck and beffiting humility towards the project are also imperative. When all of this come together, magic happens and History is sometimes made.

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