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2018 Judges


Ewan Venters

CEO - Fortnum & Mason


An avowed foodie, frequent tweeter, busy instagrammer and according to GQ, one of the best-connected men in Britain, Fortnum & Mason CEO Ewan Venters has led the famous Piccadilly destination to a succession of major achievements in his four years at the helm. Under Ewan’s leadership, Fortnum’s has recorded record sales and record profits; expanded beyond their historic London home into new locations across the world; created deliciously innovative products like the Fortnum’s Champagne Ice Pop; and delivered more of the trademark moments of retail charm and joy for which Fortnum’s have long been famous.

Design excellence

Great design should feel like an organic part of the restaurant. From the moment you set foot in the door, it should manifest itself in every aspect of the experience: not just in the material things like the lighting, the décor, and the menus, but in the service and the atmosphere too. It should be sensory and sensual, full of glamour and playfulness, and it should feel special. And of course, the finer details matter: memorable design and memorable experiences are built on details, and if you get those right, they add so much depth, charm and character.

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