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2017 Judges

Yossi eliyahoo

Yossi Eliyahoo

Founder & Co-owner - The Entourage Group


Yossi Eliyahoo, founder of The Entourage Group, is known for the creation of Momo, Izakaya, The Butcher, Shirkhan, The Duchess, Mr Porter and soon to be opened The Butcher Social Club, The Butcher 9 Streets and Mad Fox Club in Amsterdam. Carrying out a European expansion in 2016 - 2018, Eliyahoo was named 'Hospitality Entrepreneur of 2015’.

Design excellence

I believe Design Excellence start with the lay-out as lay-out makes or kills a place. Design Excellence is when you manage to create a full customer journey of an unique venue that creates a story and does not have a dead spot, originality and fresh Design Excellence; creating experience.